Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Blood - Anaylzed!

Various people in my family had encouraged me to have a full-spectrum blood analysis done, just to be sure that eating 80 10 10 was not doing me harm. I saw my Doctor and to my surprise, I found him opposed to full-spectrum blood tests. I explained that I wanted to check that my vitamin and mineral levels were healthy. He explained that they did not do those tests and that the results of those kind of tests were inaccurate anyway. He was happy to test blood lipid levels, folate and b12 though. Dissatisfied, I chose not to get a blood test done at that time. A month later, I visited another Doctor. Again, I was met with immediate resistance. This Doctor stated that a person who ate a balanced diet could not possibly be vitamin deficient. I mentioned my concern about hair loss and that I ate close to a vegan diet and she approved the following tests, which I have recently received the results for.

Thyroid Function Assays
TSH 2.76 mIU/L (0.5 - 5.00)

Glucose 4.6 mmol/L (3.0 - 5.4)

Vitamin B12 395 Normal > 180
RBC Folate 544 Normal > 575 Equivocal 500 - 575 Deficient < 500

Total Chol. 3.9 Desirable Range (none provided)
HDL Chol. 1.3 Desirable Range (>1.0) mmol/L)
LDL Chol. 2.2 Desirable Range (<2.5) mmol/L)
(<2.0) high risk
Triglyceride 0.8 Desirable Range (<1.5) mmol/L

LDL/HDL Ratio 1.7
Chol/HDL Ratio 3.0

Haemoglobin 164 g/L (130 - 180)
White Cell Count 6.7 /L (4.0 - 11.0)
Platelets 203 /L (150 - 450)

Sodium 139 mmol/L (136 - 146)
Pot. 4.3 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.2)
Chlor. 103 mmol/L (98 - 109)
Bicarb. 29 mmol/L (20 - 33)

Urea 4.0 mmol/L (2.5 - 8.0)
Creat. 78 umol/L (55 - 110)
Urate 0.28 mmol/L (0.18 - 0.47)

Calcium 2.35 mmol/L (2.1 - 2.55)

Phos. 1.23 mmol/L (0.75 - 1.45)

Alk.Phos 62 U/L (30 - 120)

Doctors Comments

The Doctor's exact words were "You are disgustingly healthy!"

She exclaimed that she couldn't understand why my Cholesterol levels were so low without medication.

She said that it was interesting to note that my Folate levels were still in range, but a little on the low side. She was about to prescribe supplements but I interrupted and explained that I would prefer to eat Folate rich whole foods instead.

She said that I should blame my genes for my hair loss and to avoid using a comb.

My Comments

I eat on average, 10 bananas every day and have done so for about 1.5 years. I was told by a registered nurse that eating too many bananas causes an overdose of Potassium. My Potassium levels are within range.

On average, I consume 80% of my daily calories from simple sugars from fruit. I had heard that this would elevate blood glucose levels and put me at risk of Diabetes. My glucose levels are within range!

Many people opposed to the vegan diet point out that it is likely for an individual to become Vitamin B12 deficient. My B12 levels are sufficient, in fact, twice as much as the benchmark!

My low cholesterol levels, without the aid of cholesterol lowering medication, did NOT surprise me. I consume very little animal products and I have decreased the toxic load on my system by eating predominantly raw foods.

I eat very very little dairy, yet my Calcium levels are within range.

At the moment, I don't know much about Folate so I'll be sure to research that and eat more folate rich foods.

Ok, so what does all this mean to me? I haven't been sick, not even the common cold for more than 2 years. I feel healthy. I don't have any symptoms. I look healthy. I am fit and active and perform athletically at an above average level. I have excellent body composition, relatively low body fat, relatively high lean muscular tissue. I enjoy food and eat when I'm hungry until I'm full. I also indulge from time to time. I usually get enough sleep. I eat predominantly whole, fresh, ripe, raw organic fruits and vegetables. And now, my blood analysis results show that I'm a picture of health!

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